Cherry Airwaves!

Well what happens when your two connecting flights from Oslo to Herøy get cancelled on the day with only hours to spare until you're due on stage? Too far to drive and train it. There's one thing for it and that was for a private plane to be sent! And that's not all. The plane took Cherry and her Johnny Cash Roadshow bandmates to Bodø only for a speedboat to meet them and take them the rest of the way! With an average speed of 48.5 knots for over two hours, the guys made it to the Midnight Sun Festival with only an hour delay so it was backstage and time to get ready for their 90 minute show!

Johnny Cash Roadshow ready for a two-hour and ten-minute rib ride with Kristian Olsen from Bodø to Herøy, with an average speed of 48.5 knots. Photo: Johnny Cash RoadshowBy Mariann VatnePublished: 02. July 2018, at. 9:14 p.m.When SAS canceled the plane from Oslo, Herøydagan had to hire private aircraft and transported the Johnny Cash artists in a rib boat from Bodø.SHARE"It would have been catastrophic for us if we had to cancel the show on Saturday," says resignation leader Britt Anne Karlsen about the situation that occurred on Saturday.Leased planesAt two o'clock in the day, Herøydagan was informed that SAS had canceled the plane that the members of the Johnny Cash Roadshow would take north. Instead, a bus from Gardermoen was set up, but that would not help Herøydagan's part.Thus, the job started to bring the musicians up another way. Knut Tangen at Løkta, which Herøydagan uses in connection with booking, eventually managed to get a private plane that could carry the musicians from Gardermoen to Bodø and received a guarantee from Marine Harvest's main sponsor of NOK 110,000 to book it.Took the boatThen the musicians had to be transported from Bodø to Herøy."We tried both private aircraft and helicopters, but it did not work. But then we also have another sponsor, Kristian Olsen, in Seløy Kystferie, and he took the ribs and went up to Bodø and picked them up.The seven men banded the instruments and sailed down the north coast with wind in the face. Two hours and ten minutes it took from Bodø to Herøy. New record."It went well," says Kristian Olsen, who held an average speed of 48.5 knots."There was a fresh breeze over Sjona and Rødøyfjorden, but the gang was very enthusiastic and thought it was very exciting, at least the first 1.5 hours. They began to look a bit tired of the Rødøyfjord, and they probably know it in their thighs today. I was most concerned about their guitars.Long pre-concertIn the meantime, the 500-600 crowded crowds in Herøyhallen had found their places, and were fine, even though the main attraction was somewhere else. Jonny Birger with friends had a small preview concert that was quite long, and the audience got to grips with it.Finally, the band arrived and started the show, which is only one of two played in Norway - one hour and ten minutes delayed, but to the great pleasure of the hall.- It was great atmosphere and good show! says Britt Anne Karlsen.Replacement?The unforeseen transport gives Herøydagan a very big extra bill."Now we have to look at whether we can seek compensation in any way. This is not an option when SAS sets up a bus from Gardermoen. To us had big consequences, she says.

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