Little Girl Blue CD Album (2007)
  • Little Girl Blue CD Album (2007)
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  1. Cherrywine
  2. Where's My Good Man
  3. Sweet Substitute
  4. Baby I Don't Cry Over You
  5. Nothin' In Ramblin'
  6. Red Hot
  7. Wade In The Water
  8. Ugly Night
  9. Shame, Shame, Shame
  10. Mistreated
  11. Cry Me A River
  12. The Man Next Door
  13. Mercedes Benz BONUS TRACK
  14. Everybody Here Wants You

If you have the physical CD of this album then hang on to it as it is now a collector's item! At present there are no plans to make the physical copy available anymore, in the meantime you can still purchase tracks or the whole album from iTunes and all digital sites.

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