A 'sanitized' update!

What crazy times we're living through right now i'm sure you'll agree, lots of industries getting hit hard especially the entertainment world and it's just heartbreaking to see all of Cherry's fellow musicians and all the stage managers, sound engineers, venue owners finding themselves unemployed with shows being cancelled or postponed. Of course health is the most valuable thing you can have but it's pretty tough when your income vanishes almost overnight. A word from Cherry -

"I hope you're all staying safe and sane in these tough, surreal times. It looks like 2020 will be the most boring year yet with lots of exciting events and concerts cancelled or postponed but life will return to normal! It's the not knowing when I guess. I am gutted my shows have been postponed or cancelled and my income has totally disappeared overnight, just like my fellow musician friends, but I already have new dates for my Poland tour for November and we are still planning on releasing the live album and will post a link to purchase as soon as we can. Still in the dark about financial help for the self-employed, it really is miserable out there and seems like we're all in some living nightmare right now. In the meantime everyone stay safe, write, binge watch, get fresh air, listen to music, get pissed at home, facetime your friends and family, don't panic buy except for maybe my live album when it's ready!! And my band and I will be seeing you - hang in there peeps! Sending love and good health to you all, and as always there aren't enough thank you's to praise our phenomenal NHS staff, care workers, police, fire services, truckers, shop workers, everyone on the front line and it's heart-warming to see the acts of kindness going on amongst the selfishness that sadly gets press attention."

Please keep an eye on Cherry's tour page for rescheduled dates and we hope to see you somewhere down the road. Hang in there everyone! Cherry will be posting some live videos over the next few weeks as well as that all important live album pre-order link. In the meantime enjoy the photos below from Cherry's last few shows with Think Floyd over the last couple of weeks taken by Andy Powell -