Happy New Year - 2020 here we come!

2019 - the end of the 'teens' and it has proved to be a jam packed one for Cherry once again touring to 8 countries, lots of theatre shows up and down the UK and Ireland with Think Floyd and the Johnny Cash Roadshow, festivals in Spain and Poland inbetween renovating her first house and getting married in October! Hello Mrs Taylor!
"As ever I thank each and every one of you for your support this year and if you've been on the Cherry train for the last decade - since Southbound Train - then a MASSIVE THANK YOU for staying on for the duration!" says Cherry, "for coming to see my band and I perform, shows and festivals are planned for next year as well as a special live album announcement very soon. "I want to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and may 2020 be full of happiness, health, music and love!"
Cherry's put together a collage below of some of her highlights and special moments of 2019 and make sure you follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get regular updates on what's happening in the world of CLM! Also, 2020 dates are now on the gig page with more to come including Cherry's first Polish tour in March.