An overdue update from Cherry!

Sorry for my absence, the best place really to get regular content is most definitely my social media mainly my Instagram page here and Facebook here and Twitter now and then here. Hope everyone is well and make sure to catch me on selected dates with Think Floyd throughout 2023 on my gig page, and exciting news coming soon revealing who's new album i'll be featured on later this year!
Thanks as always for your support, it means even more now i'm not touring as I focus on being a stay at home mummy with my ever thriving daughter who is almost two! My guitarist Max also had a heart attack at the start of 2023. He is recovering remarkably however he is not on the road for obvious reasons which leaves me extra time to write and think about my next move. I say extra time, but I have a toddler so who am I kidding!
Written on NYE 2022 - My word for 2022 was :: Heartland 🖤
I don't think I've ever had as many heart to hearts with myself as I did in 2022; at times I've been all consumed with the never-ending plate-spinning, ball-juggling, split-in-two-wishing, non-scoreboard victories of motherhood and/vs career all while (hoping I'm) nourishing personal relationships while I'm at it and woah is it a trip. One that my wanderlust HEART has never been on before and it's a full on, unapologetic, HEART explosion and I'm finally 'getting it' almost 18 months in.
Showing up to do what you were born to do is a gift and I'll always have that small town dream chaser spirit. Truth is my voice and music has led me to all the best chapters/people in my life, after all a dream is a wish your hard work makes so if I'm absent from that stage a little longer than I'd intended, I'M STILL ME.
If I'm not entertaining an audience this month then I'm in the front row seat to my daughter's life and that is a gift to mine.
I'm always a singer. I've always been a performer. It's what I do. It's what I know. I will be singing more songs on here this year. I will be writing waaaaay more this year. I will realise I can't do everything and be everywhere this year. The higher you want to build, the deeper you gotta dig so I may be on the ultimate ride of a lifetime right here right now and only just realising it....on the last day of 2022.
To quote a favourite song, "when life is out of your hands, you gotta let your heartland...."
With love,
Cherry xoxo