March Madness at Cherry Towers!

Well it's been a bit quiet around here lately..or so it seems! Cherry and the boys have been taking a bit of a break, recharging the batteries and writing new material.
There are shows being added all the time to the gig list so be sure to keep an eye on that to see if they're coming to a town near you!
Says Cherry, "after a rollercoaster year last year, our set is so tight and it's great to see many people singing along to our songs at gigs and festivals, but we can't keep playing the same set forever, nor would we want to! So time for some fresh material to treat you with and to challenge us again! I've always wanted a studio in my own house, now I have one thanks to a certain someone (who it actually belongs to!) and we shall have a snippet of a new song for you guys to hear very soon, within the next few weeks i'd say. Til then, come see us at a gig!"

Here's a snap Cherry posted to her Facebook page last night of her at home in the studio -

More info on a possible new EP coming soon!

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