Southbound Train CD Album (2009)
  • Southbound Train CD Album (2009)
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  1. All You Need
  2. Shake That Thing
  3. Midnight In Memphis
  4. Lord Send Me An Angel Down
  5. Travellin' Light
  6. It Means Nothin' To Me
  7. Let's Go Back To The Beginning
  8. Kissing In The Dark
  9. Time Limits
  10. Southbound Train
  11. Dancing Like Diamonds
  12. Western Star
  13. Tried Everything BONUS TRACK
  14. Something You Can't Have

If you have the physical CD of this album then hang on to it as it is now a collector's item! At present there are no plans to make the physical copy available anymore, in the meantime you can still purchase tracks or the whole album from iTunes and all digital platforms.

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